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Bicarbonate sitz baths are good for killing Candida?  


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Bicarbonate sitz baths are excellent for killing Candida?

1) Candida albicans is a commensal yeast of the Döderlein flora that, when proliferates and becomes a fungus, it becomes pathogenic and causes fungal infection (fungal dysbiosis)

2) the vaginal physiological pH is acidic by nature -> approximately 4 and corresponds, even in balance situation (not pathological) to an optimal growth pH of C. albicans. In fact, the latter proliferates well in pH conditions that vary from 2 to 6.

3) however, it is important to remember that this pH value is also favorable for the growth and colonization of the vaginal mucosa by "good bacteria" of the Döderlein flora: Lactobacilli, commensal bacteria whose presence, in significant quantity and dominant compared to other present species in the flora, it allows to keep under control yeasts and bacteria that can become pathogenic such as C. albicans. In fact, there is a balance of power between dominated and lactobacilli species that, when balanced, dominate and fight to keep them under control and in optimal proportions for a healthy and effective Döderlein flora from the point of view urogenital sphere immunity

4 )in a situation of imbalance, whatever its nature (dysbiosis, vaginosis or mycosis), therefore, it is almost always a weakness on the part of the Lactobacilli that will have allowed the pathogens to proliferate. Therefore, in these cases, the priority should not be in the elimination of the pathogen, but in the recolonization of lactobacilli

5) for all these reasons, trying to increase the pH (= make it more alkaline) to fight vaginal C.albicans is an inappropriate measure (both with the sitz bath and with vaginal  douching) because it will also affect Lactobacilli and reduce even more the predominance. This leads to a "boomerang" effect of fungal infection that will undoubtedly be relieved 24 hours to resume a massive proliferation later.

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