What is the differe...

What is the difference between IC and chronic prostatitis?  


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07/10/2019 3:35 pm  

This great question opens again the debate (broad and always controversial) of the definition of IC:

First, it is necessary to distinguish IC (presence of Hunner ulcers) from the BPS (a broader problem that includes patients with IC = 10%, but also patients suffering from abdominal bladder disorders and pain without necessarily altering the integrity of the bladder organ).

Prostatitis, on the other hand, is an inflammatory (and infectious according to case) problem that can lead to symptoms close to BPS. However, this disease belongs to "diseases that could be confusing" and, if diagnosed, the patient will be automatically diagnosed with BPS:

Here it is important to understand that the diagnosis of prostatitis is much finer than that of BPS because it is not just about the affected organ, but also offers therapeutic options (fixed by current medical recommendations) capable of completely solving the problem. Therefore, it is "good" to obtain this diagnosis instead of the one of BPS.

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