Can D-Mannose intak...

Can D-Mannose intake lead to kidney problems?  


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Can D-Mannose intake lead to kidney problems?

D-Mannose is a monosaccharide that crosses the digestive system, it circulates in the blood, is filtered by the kidneys and enters the intact bladder. This characteristic makes it a capable substance of "crossing" the body without side effects also if it is taken in high doses and for a prolonged period

- precisely because it is excreted (expelled out of the body) at renal level, D-Mannose has absolutely no incidence in either the liver or the pancreas. I would also say that prolonged excessive consumption (plus then 10 g per day) could induce a slight increase in blood glucose and, therefore, an insulin response

- it should also be emphasized that D-Mannose is a substance produced physiologically by the kidney. It seems more than highly unlikely that it could be harmful to the same organ that synthesizes it

- Ausilium intake is recommended in most departments of nephrology of the biggest hospitals in Italy, which, in my opinion, is a guarantee of safety

Finally, with regard to candidiasis situations, the intake of Ausilium is totally compatible, since (as stated above), D-Mannose does not cause a significant glycemic peak.

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