Uro-vaxom: solution...

Uro-vaxom: solution or disappointment?  


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22/05/2019 5:04 pm  

Uro-vaxom: solution or disappointment?

This approach raises many questions.

In particular, I present two objections (reflections) from our microbiologist on the subject:

1) based on the principle that vaccination is a technique that "teach" our immune system to recognize an agent (bacteria in this case) as a pathogen and, therefore, to cause a direct reaction against this microorganism (acquired immune response) whatever its site of entry into the body. And taking into account that most uropathogens are also commensals of the digestive tract, how is it possible for the immune system to "distinguish" uropathogenic bacteria to fight in the bladder and not in the intestine? How can we be sure that this technique does not cause a form of autoimmunity that will act (at an unknown time) against our own microbiota?

In this regard, here you will find the testimony of a person:

“My experience with Uro-vaxom has been very negative, so I am very suspicious and skeptical about this type of treatment. After a few days, I began to have terrible attacks of urticaria and vulvar burns. My doctor told me to interrupt him. There was an immune response but not the one I wanted! I had to take antihistamines to calm her down”.

2) if we approach this as a "desensitization" technique (as in the case of an allergy) characterized by: introduction of a low daily amount of the inactivated or modified pathogen. The result that one can obtain is a reduction of the immune response to the same agent.

In both cases, this method, although seemingly harmless, seems very uncertain in terms of its results and cost/benefit ratio that it entails.