Biofilm and recurre...

Biofilm and recurrency  


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Biofilm and recurrency

The biofilm is a matrix of polysaccharides made by uropathogenic germs to protect against our physiological immune defenses and against different treatments with antibiotics.

The biofilm can appear from the first urinary infection and can take several weeks or more to be destroyed and this duration is extremely variable. In fact, the total dissolution of the polysaccharide matrix depends on numerous phenomena, among which we can mention:

- age of the problem of cystitis

- bacterial strains type present in the biofilm

- nature of the biofilm (extra or intracellular)

- appearance of a new acute episode during the dissolution of the biofilm

For this reason, it is useful and relevant to follow the following dosing schedule:

-> a first cycle of 15 days with:

- Ausilium NAC: 1 vial, morning and night, away from meals

- Ausilium 20 PLUS: 1 sachet, in the evening, away from meals

-> a maintenance phase/successive prevention of 2 to 6 weeks with:

- Ausilium Forte: 1 measuring cup, 1 to 3 times a day, away from meals

These two phases will be renewed, alternatively, until the complete disappearance of the acute episodes potentially due to the presence of the biofilm.

-> parallel to these "basal" measures, it is essential to carry out an intervention directed against the precipitating/predisposing factors of its acute cystitis (measures that vary from one subject to another depending on the problem and its mechanisms)

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