Biofilm and "Memory...

Biofilm and "Memory" of pain  


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"Memory" of pain and biofilm

1) the pathogenic biofilm is an infectious process that affects the bladder, but it can also be established in other walls (inert as well as alive). For example:

-> Prosthetics (in orthopedics)

-> Dental implants

-> Medical devices (for example, intrauterine devices = IUD)

-> Vaginal mucus

-> Urothelium of the urinary canal (bladder, urethra)

2) in front of a pathology whose symptomatology concernes the pelvic area, it is necessary to follow a diagnostic approach by exclusion. That is to say to move in several directions and, according to the results of the examinations, exclude the existence of identified pathologies that may correspond to the clinical context.

For example, the BPS (bladder pain syndrome) is a syndrome (therefore, a set of signs and symptoms) in which several diseases are linked, among which is apparently abacterial cystitis but which, in reality, is an infection produced, hidden from the exams, due to the presence of a biofilm.

 3) in case of a chronic infectious disease supported by a biofilm, it is possible that the pain symptomatology, initially nociceptive (which results directly from an effective stimulus in the nerve endings = a "real" pain whose origin is biological -> bacterial presence), evolve into neurological pain (result of damage, injury or nerve damage = "ghost" pain that does not correspond to any environmental factor).

In this sense, it is certainly and unfortunately right to speak of "memory" of pain.

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