How to get vulvodynia

This text, written with sad irony, briefly traces the path of many women who, due to a lack of a correct management of their gynecological disorders, develop vulvodynia that could have been avoided with the appropriate measures and precautions.

This is the “recipe” offered by midwife Veronica Foggia:

1- tell a woman with constant vulvar burning to take antifungals because “it is candidiasis for sure”

2- wait for a significant vaginal dysbiosis to appear, don’t identify it and continue with creams mixing an active antibiotic ingredient with an antifungal

3- observe the arrival of cystitis, do not suggest to make an urine culture test and blindly indicate an antibiotic “to clean it all”

4- when the woman comes back every so often to the consultation saying that the symptoms of cystitis come right after intercourse, think about solving it with an antibiotic after each sexual intercourse

5- wait until the mucous membranes are inflamed and don’t even tolerate the contact with toilet paper that triggers an incredible burning sensation

6- blaming the patient by telling her that she eats poorly and try to eliminate random foods from her diet

7- prescribe an intimate antibacterial soap

If necessary, repeat point 1 and 2 at regular intervals.

Limit the time of the consultation and listen to the woman for a maximum of 10 minutes before sending her home.

Cook over low heat for a few months and when there is enough “heat”, ask her to change professionals and wait for the diagnosis: VULVODYNYA

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