Cystitis and hydration: as easy as drinking a glass of water

How many times have we been told that we must drink a lot of water to prevent the risk of cystitis?

So is hydration really that important?

Let’s see together why it is essential and how to drink water correctly during the day.

In the case of cystitis, we often do not drink enough as we are scared of having to urinate more often or to feel pain when urinating.

However, drinking is very important because it helps to dilute urine, eliminate bacteria before they settle in our bladder, and proliferate.

Here are some tips to stay hydrated without difficulty.

Cystitis and hydration: as easy as drinking a glass of water

10 tips to drink correctly

  1. carry a bottle with you during the day to always have water available

2. if you prefer, you can use a drinking glass as many people find it easier to drink a glass of water than a sip from the bottle (perhaps mentally this creates stress for us because we see a large amount of water and unconsciously feel the pressure)

3. in case of difficulty remembering to drink water (correctly in small sips over 24 hours) you can follow a “hydration routine” associating the action of drinking with predefined times of the day (a kind of healthy habit like brushing your teeth) or download one of the many free apps on your phone to help you remember it and get into the groove

4. whenever you feel the need to drink water, drink. Obviously, this will inevitably lead to the need to go to the bathroom: the bladder must therefore be emptied correctly and completely without waiting or pushing

5. distribute the famous 2 liters of water a day well between morning, afternoon and night, avoiding filling up suddenly or too much (it will not have the same effect and benefit as compared to a good, adequate and constant distribution throughout the day, healthy hydration which will regulate metabolic processes without straining the kidneys)

6. eat fresh vegetables and fruits with each meal and avoid fatty and very salty foods (be careful with your diet, especially in the case of urothelial inflammation, urgency and frequency of urination)

7. maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle

8. prefer low-sodium water (support your doctor’s advice based on your health status)

9. give yourself a daily treat with herbal infusions to change the flavor and stimulate the desire to drink

10. in the absence of strong urinary urgency and frequency, drink a good glass of water with 1 gram of D-Mannose to take care of your body and fighting bacteria responsible for cystitis in a safe, simple, natural and effective way and in one shot.

As easy as drinking a glass of water!

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