Aromatherapy and endometriosis

My name is Charlotte Berthier. I have been an osteopath from the Paca region, Rousset, in France for about fifteen years.

I thank Mary for inviting me to participate in this day dedicated to endometriosis and all that it involves and implies.

I will try to provide support and solutions through my specialty.

Today we will focus on the beneficial effects of essential oils.

Let’s learn about endometriosis to manage it better

The main function of the uterus is to receive and be the place of development of the embryo, after the fetus, during pregnancy. It is a hollow muscular organ, formed by a three-layer wall, which interests us here, the innermost endometrium: the uterine lining.

The endometrium undergoes changes in its shape and function through sex hormones. In each menstrual cycle, the uterus prepares for the implantation of a fertilized egg, for this, it thickens. When implantation does not happen, the superficial part of the endometrium created by the hormonal effect (menstruation process) is removed.

Endometriosis is a gynecological disease characterized by the migration and development of the uterine lining (endometrium) outside its uterine cavity, fallopian tubes, ligaments, vagina, but also in the digestive organs: bladder, rectum, colon.

These fragments of the uterine lining follow the same hormonal rhythm as the endometrium and produce blood every 28 days, which does not pose any particular problem in the uterus, since blood naturally flows through the vagina.

On the other hand, at the level of the abdominal sphere, this process will lead to local bleeding and, therefore, to a very significant inflammation in the area in question, which will cause pain that is sometimes totally disabling at this point of the cycle that causes adhesion between the surrounding tissues.

This pathology is often underestimated: on average, 10 to 20% of women suffer from it, but most will wait 6 to 10 years before a correct diagnosis.

This condition is linked to women ages 25-45 with few or no children, often with a history of gynecologic surgery or early (before age 11) menstruation with pain and short menstrual cycles (less than 27 days).

The main cause of this disease remains unknown, it still raises many unanswered questions. Several etiological factors can be taken into account: environmental, genetic, infectious and autoimmune. We do know that pain can be reduced with a healthy lifestyle. Moderate and regular sports activity is beneficial (such as yoga, dance, female chi gong). It is essential to restore circulation in the lower abdomen, hence the importance of regular massage in this part.

Essential oils are obviously there to help us.

At first we will be focus on the use of essential oils whose objective is to regulate a dysfunctional hormonal cycle. In a second time, we will focus on essential oils that relieve pain during menstruation.

Here is a sublingual aromatherapy protocol that you can implement for several months to help to balance this intimate space. It is a protocol that aims to harmonize the pituitary-ovarian axis.

So here is the synergy that I recommend orally and, at the same time, it is advisable to do a work of energy balance by the cutaneous route.

Synergy to harmonize the hormonal cycle:

-> Oral route

* 2 ml HE Rosemary CT verbenone

* 1 ml HE Angelica root

* 2 ml HE Verbena lemon

* 15 ml HV Borage

Posology: at the end of menstruation, take three drops of synergy directly in the mouth under the tongue, 3 times a day before meals for two weeks.

Food supplement: the following two weeks, you can take 5 drops of raspberry (gemmo therapy) three times a day and so on.

-> Dermal route

* 1 drop HE Bitter myrrh

Posology: massage the point No. 5 Spleen Pancreas (5SP) at the ankle level in the hollow in front and below the internal malleolus, once a day, in the morning around 11, one week per month.

The following week, stimulate only the point 6 Spleen Pancreas (6SP) that is 4 fingers wide at the top of the internal malleolus, three times a day, without applying essential oil.

Borage vegetable oil is very interesting to ingest regularly, since it contains approximately 20% gamma-linolenic acid, which is famous for its regulatory action on the endocrine system.

The meaning of this energy work in point 5 Spleen Pancreas is to inform the body through the energy system to regulate the presence of the endometrium. This point is the dispersal point of the spleen meridian. This is a point that orders and regulates. Therefore, it is important to stimulate it rather than focus on massage. This can be done simply by turning clockwise on the right side then on the left side. Avoid turning in the opposite direction. Ideally, the application is made during the meridian hour, at 11 in the morning.

The second part of my aromatherapy tips concerns applying antispasmodic, fluidizing, and pain relieving synergies to the lower abdomen during painful periods. The expected goal is to provide quick pain relief.

Before focusing on this part, I would like to point out the spectacular efficacy that a biochemical remedy can bring: an intake of phosphoric magnesium in the form of a dynamized biochemical salt.

-> Schüssler salts in case of painful cramps:

* 5 tablets Magnesium phosphoricum D6

Posology: dissolve the tablets in a small cup of boiled water. While the remedy is still hot, drink carefully putting each sip in contact with the largest part of the mucous membranes of the mouth. The action of this remedy on smooth muscle cramps is very fast.

Tip: prepare the remedy and take it to bed if possible. Get into bed and take the remedy before massaging the lower abdomen with an aromatherapy synergy.

Before giving examples of analgesic synergies to apply locally to the lower abdomen, I would like to give some explanations about the presence of the essential oils that make up the various synergy proposals.

It is essential to appreciate the fragrance of the synergy to be applied because the impact on the psycho-emotional dimension is important.

The first therapeutic property that we are looking for in an aromatherapeutic synergy to be applied in the lower abdomen is a powerful relaxing and antispasmodic activity. The main references for relieving stubborn stresses related to endometriosis are HE Khella and, due to its analgesic and warm activity, HE Gaultheria fragrans.

You can absolutely use one or the other of these two essential oils without taking the time to combine them with other essential oils for a more relaxing synergy.

Relaxing and antispasmodic synergy:

* 5 drops HE Gaultheria or Khella (Ammin visnaga)

* 25 drops HV Macadamia

Posology: massage the lower abdomen and lower back

Attention: HE Khella is photosensitizing.

Once the stubborn cramps are gone, you can create more moderate, harmonious and pleasant synergies in terms of olfactory information. Choose a scent that you like among these excellent aromatherapy references with antispasmodic and decongestant properties.

-> Analgesic synergy n ° 1

* 2 drops HE True Lavender

* 1 drop HE Gaultheria procumbens

* 2 drops HE petit grain bigaradier

* 1 teaspoon HV Macadamia

-> Analgesic synergy n° 2

* 1 drop HE Khella

* 2 drops HE Noble chamomille

* 2 drops HE True lavender

* 1 teaspoon HV Macadamia

-> Analgesic synergy n° 3

* 2 drops HE Green cypress

* 1 drop HE Niaouli

* 2 drops HE Geranium rosat

* 1 teaspoon HV Macadamia

-> Analgesic synergy n°4

*1 drop HE Lentisco

*2 drops HE Cistus ladanifer

*2 drops HE petit grain bigaradier 

* 1 teaspoon HV Macadamia

Posology: from the first premenstrual strains on the lower abdomen, or if it has been delayed too long, after relieving the most intense cramps with the application of powerful unit antispasmodics (Gaulteria or Khella), massage the lower abdomen with 8 10 drops from one of the synergies of your choice. You can repeat this application 4 times a day while the bleeding lasts.

Then I offer you an aromatherapy treatment that is performed outside the menstruation. The purpose of this tip is to prevent pain and thereby establish free circulation in the lower abdomen. Before suggesting aromatherapeutic synergies for these daily applications, I will give you technical guidelines to perform the massage. It is a massage technique of the uterus through a deep massage in the lower abdomen.

The self-massage is performed lying on your back. You can place a cushion under the knees and the head for comfort. Your uterus is accessible through an indirect touch on the lower abdomen. In its normal position, the uterus is located in the center of the lower abdomen below the navel and approximately 3 cm above the pubic bones.

You have to do a deep and gentle massage of the uterus with your fingers. To do this, place your hands next to each other with your index fingers touching. Connect the hands at the level of the thumb. Place the index fingers in the center of the pubis where the pubic bones are connected. Slide down from the bone into the soft tissue of the lower abdomen.

Inhale deeply, then, when exhaling, put the 8 fingers into the tissue and go up towards the navel. This gesture does not go up to the navel but ends about 5 cm below the navel.

No need to worry too much about anatomical precision. You have to focus especially on the feeling in the deep tissue. The gesture is made by exhaling, three times. Then we move our fingers to the side. The small fingers touch the center of the pubic bone on one side and the iliac bone on the other. Sliding your fingers across the bone, we then delve into the soft tissue. Inhale, then, when exhaling, put your fingers into the soft tissue and bring them to the center of the lower abdomen. We repeat this three times before doing it on the other side. We finish the massage by resuming the initial work in the center of the lower abdomen. This protocol should be continued until the 8 drops of the chosen vegetable oil and essential oil mixture are completely absorbed.

Here are examples of synergies with which we can do this work three weeks a month outside of menstrual periods:

-> Sinergy n°1

*10 drops HE Geranium Bourbon

*5 drops HE Green cypress

*5 drops HE Lavandin

* 15 ml (1 soup spoon) HV Macadamia

-> Sinergy n°2

*10 drops HE True lavender

*7 drops HE Petit grain bigaradier 

*3 drops HE Pistacia lentiscus

*15 ml (1 soup spoon) HV Macadamia

-> Sinergy n°3

*10 drops HE Neroli

*7 drops HE Noble chamomille

*3 gotas HE Rosemary verbenone

*15 ml (1 soup spoon) HV Macadamia

-> Sinergy n°4

*10 drops HE Ylang ylang

*5 drops HE Inciense

*5 drops HE Verbena lemon

*15 ml (1 soup spoon) HV Macadamia

-> Sinergy n°5

*10 drops HE Cistus ladanifer

*7 drops HE Niaouli

*3 drops HE Majorana

*15 ml (1 soup spoon) HV Macadamia

Posology: massage 5 to 8 drops of the mixture into the lower abdomen three times a day during the week prior to the arrival of menstruation.

Hoping to have answered your questions, I wish you all a great day. If you have any questions, my number is: +33063012327.

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