Five good reasons to use Ausilium Lavanda

Today we are going to talk about one of my essentials: Ausilium Lavanda. And yes, finally I dare to pronounce the name of a product, a good product, an effective product, in short, a product that I shamelessly recommend.

There is still a “but” => in 2020 the majority of the medical and paramedical population still confuse the use of tap water with a medical device and discourage vaginal douches because “washing the vagina is not good” .

Ausilium Lavanda is something else.

I am not going to repeat what I have already said in the first article about vaginal douching. Now I want to especially address those who are already convinced of the benefits of this method with a list of five good reasons and occasions to use Ausilium Lavanda to protect or maintain the fragile vaginal balance:

No. 1: presence of symptoms

In case of pain, itching, irritation, redness or suspicious vaginal discharge, it is possible (even probable) that the cause of these problems (is an alteration of the flora (dysbiosis) and/or irritation of the mucous membrane (vaginosis) against which Ausilium Lavanda can act for a quick relief and a return to balance.

No. 2: after the menstruation

Those who experience many inconveniences at the time of menstruation will further understand the need for all kinds of hygienic protections (including the menstrual cup) due to painful spasms of menstrual flow, parameters that damage flora and mucous membranes. In these cases, Ausilium Lavanda is important to stabilize it all.

N ° 3: in case of menopause

In this case, I invite you to read this other article.

No. 4: one week before delivery

This is a delicate subject because until now, Ausilium Lavanda has always been discouraged during pregnancy “due to the mechanical risk” of insertion. This could be dangerous of course if we had fun pushing the cannula all the way into the vagina with the bottle. I speak in general and using good sense: if I were pregnant, I would always know how to use a vaginal douche correctly.

It is true that you have to check with the midwife before to verify that there are no particular contraindications since each case is different but, as regards the main guidelines, the concept is as follows. Our sons inherit our flora when they pass through the vagina (in case of vaginal deliveries, of course) so we can try to prepare the ground with a maximum of “good” bacteria to avoid contact with pathogens (such as Streptococcus or others).

N ° 5: in summer

Nothing better than a sandy beach, hot water and a lot of heat to develop cystitis. I have already talked about cystitis in summer in another article, but I will insist: Ausilium Lavanda is “the” prevention to escape from the dangers of summer.

Now you have five good reasons to use Ausilium Lavanda without excuse.

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