The difference between Cistiquer and Alaquer

As this is a frequently asked question, here is a presentation of two food supplements with Quercetin to learn about the common points and differences.


Cistiquer is a food supplement indicated in case of bladder and urinary disorders associated with the inflammation of the urinary tract with regard to an alteration of the integrity of the urothelium, visible or not during the cystoscopy (remember that certain stages of inflammation are symptomatic but not significant in the observation).

Main properties

-> urinary urgency and frequency calming action

-> pain syndrome modulation

-> mucosa bladder reepithelialization


Quercetin = anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, cell membrane stabilizer

Bromelina = anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous

Centella = promotes good peripheral circulation by preserving tone and structure of blood vessel walls

Cimicifuga = sedative, able to balance the central nervous system

Borosmo = antiseptic in the urinary tract and anti-inflammatory

Glucosamine sulphate = counters the deterioration of connective tissue, has an immunomodulatory function, is particularly used in the connective tissue repair

Chondroitin sulfate = quickly effective on inflammatory symptoms

Sodium hyaluronate = synergistic action with quercetin that allows its distribution to the tissues. It maintains the elasticity of the tissue and has an effect on mucosa reepithelialization

Clinical study

Intake of Cistiquer for 7 weeks with the following results:

-> 40% decrease in urinary frequency

-> decrease in urinary urgency of 58%

-> decrease in urinary infections

-> resumption of sexual activity for 10% of women (compared to some in the group subjected to intravesical instillations)


Alaquer is a food supplement indicated in case of disorders associated with chronic inflammatory disorders related to a condition similar to neuropathy (inflammatory, traumatic, vascular, toxic, metabolic or deficient).

Main properties

-> promotes the proper functioning of the nervous system and normalizes neuronal transmission

-> plays an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and protective role against cellular damage

-> positive action on sleep and mood

-> physiologically reactive to antioxidant substances such as vitamin C, vitamin E, glutathione


Quercetin = anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, cell membrane stabilizer

Bromelina = anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous

Folic acid = promotes the proper functioning of the nervous system, fights physical and mental fatigue

Morinda Citrifolia = anti-inflammatory, soothing, antioxidant, immunostimulatory

Alpha Lipoic Acid =

– is an important natural anti-inflammatory

– reduces symptoms related to neuropathies such as paraesthetic pain, burning sensation, tingling, tremor, prick feeling

– helps to maintain functional and structural integrity of tissues

– acts at the metabolic level as an enzymatic cofactor, transforming fatty acids and carbohydrates (glucose) into cellular energy (ATP)

– has an effective action against LDL (“bad” cholesterol), thus preventing the formation of arteriosclerotic plaque

– is a chelator against heavy metals, promoting its elimination

Bibliography in this other entry

However, it is important to remember that the choice of a food supplement and the dosage should be subject to the opinion of a health professional and established, case by case, according to the situation (history, ongoing therapies, symptoms, etc.).

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