D-Mannose tisane: a valuable ally

Ausilium Tisana is a blend of medicinal herbs and D-Mannose.

Let’s discover more about this peculiar product to pamper ourself, taking care of our well-being:

• a liquid tisane, easy to carry with a no risk of breaking bottle. It would be impossible to have a quality product doing it differently, because each ingredient has been “treated” in a particular way and the “extracts” blend can be done chemically only in liquid form

• the most needed product that many people wanted to increase the daily intake dose of D-Mannose. With Ausilium Tisana we have a small amount of D-Mannose together with other plants with a very positive effect (it actually helps with intestinal transit, digestion, drainage, etc.)

pleasant taste: being a very concentrated preparation (to dilute), the flavor is strong and reminds a little of Ausilium NAC. However, once mixed with water, the taste is quite pleasant

perfect both warm and cold



• soothing action on the digestive system and urinary tract

• regulatory function of the intestinal transit

Bermuda grass:

• fluid drainage promotion and organism purifying functions

• urinary tract functionality support


• favorable action on the urinary tract

• drainage function against the accumulation of body fluids


• urinary tract functionality support

Agathosma betulina:

• useful for liquid drainage

• functionality of the urinary tract support

Andrographis paniculata:

• physiological immune defenses and digestive function support


• antioxidant and tonic action



-> During the pseudo-acute phase, when acute episodes are still present (> 4 per year), Ausilium Tisana should be considered not only as a source of D-Mannose but also for its other properties.

As such, we can suggest two methods to take it:

• 1 cup, 1 to 2 times a day, associated with Ausilium NAC, Ausilium 20 PLUS, Ausilium Forte or D-Mannoro


• 1 cup, 1 to 2 times a day, at the end of the meal (in situations where the negative impact of the digestive tract is a predisposing and precipitating factor of cystitis: dysbiosis, altered transit, swelling, constipation, diarrhea, etc.)

-> During the “primary” prevention/maintenance phase against cystitis, when acute episodes are still present episodically (2 to 4 per year), Ausilium Tisana can be used as a supplementary source of D-Mannose:

• 1 cup, 1 to 2 times a day, away from meals

Associate it with another intake of D-Mannose to reach a sufficient quantity to prevent the possible acute urinary infection caused by a predisposing/precipitant factor such as:


• bacterial increase

• bacterial migration

sexual intercourse

-> During the “secondary” prevention/maintenance phase against cystitis when the acute episodes have disappeared for more than 6 months (corresponding to an almost certain absence of a biofilm), Ausilium Tisana can be used as the sole source of D-Mannose:

• 1 cup, 1 to 2 times per day, away from meals

Take care of yourself to change your life.

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