Cystitis: finding the guilties

I would like to share with you my personal reflections, the result of my long experience of coexistence with everything related to cystitis and its causes.

The famous million-dollar question: “Where do my cystitis come from?

When the first urination of the day feels like razors, we suddenly start to think about all we did the day before to arrive at the sad conclusion: “I haven’t done anything wrong or something different”.

So why do I have cystitis now?

I was reading in the various forums: “I do not understand what I am doing wrong”, “My cystitis comes without any particular reason”, “I ended up thinking that it is all psychological”.

This reminds me so much of the guilt I used to feel and that sensation of being sick because of me. However, we have nothing to do with it!

Let us stop torturing ourselves thinking that if we are sick it is our fault because it is false (and those who try to inform us about our repressed emotions or our “internal fears” as elements that could develop our crises at € 50 per consultation are to question). In saying this, I obviously do not want to deny the importance of a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally (stress can lead to a decrease in immune defences that makes us more fragile and vulnerable, etc.), I just want to highlight the importance of a deeper analysis.

Cystitis is a dirty beast.

It is a real multifactorial pathology that could become recurrent only if several factors are combined (the famous “predisposing and precipitating factors”).

We must not search for the reason of our cystitis as if the culprit could only be an event, but investigate the CAUSES that create a true boulevard so that pathogenic bacteria can reach the bladder. We are talking about cystitis and everything that is related to it since cystitis never travels alone. It is part of a gang where each one has a very specific role).

It is a bit like playing dominoes: if one piece goes down, everything goes down!

So why are we talking about this? Simply to invite you to stop looking for “THE” cause of cystitis as if it was the grail.

We should start a complete program that begins by knowing ourselves and identifying THE causes of cystitis so that we can then work on ALL of them (as there are no “important” and “not important” risk factors). To get rid of cystitis all preventive measures count!

I am going to give you an example: for a girl I know, it was clear that she had cystitis because she did not drink enough (or rather, she drank incorrectly because she could spend hours without drinking and then drink 1 liter in an hour). However, she still had cystitis also when she drank correctly during the day. So what happened in her case?

Actually, she had many more predisposing and precipitating factors for cystitis than that:

– too tight clothes, not suitable underwear

–  contraceptive method

sex without lubricant

– constipation

– lack of hydration


– abundance of antibiotics => compromised flora (also had mycosis)

– no prevention (at that time she was trying a bit of everything but had not yet discovered D-Mannose)

Therefore, it was only by establishing a complete strategy and acting on ALL the factors at the same time that she was able, without too much difficulty, to get out of the vicious cycle of cystitis (and everything related to it) and find a balance.

So let’s seek out the guilties!

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