My happy story

I want to tell you my experience. I hope it helps someone.

I have been suffering from repeated urinary infections for 20 years.

It started slowly and ended up being a constant in my life (my trigger was sexual intercourse and the only option was to take a dose of antibiotic after sex forever and ever). Those who have the same problem surely understand what it means emotionally.

The financial aspect was also important. Many visits with family doctor and private ones. Urine culture tests, antibiotics, consultations with gynaecologists, urologists, tests, naturopathic doctors, homeopathy, yogurt, vitamin C, intimate soaps, ovules with different indications.

It also came time for cranberry: products with different concentrations and active ingredients together with vaccine, auto vaccine and others that I do not remember anymore.

In the end, I always came back to antibiotics (which entailed weakened flora and yeasts). I spent my last pregnancy taking antibiotics every month. I suppose many of you already know what I am talking about.

My only fortune: a modest discomfort.

Last Februarynd, I found this blog and, as I had nothing to lose (except the cost of the products), I wrote an email to Deakos.

They contacted me and explained the basis of the approach they offered with great professionalism. So I decided to try them.

I had one more infection (I thought it was not working) during the intake.

They explained that sometimes it is not easy to “break” the biofilm (I did not know what it was, never heard about it until that moment), so I repeated the attack phase a second time.

Six months have passed without cystitis (never so much in years, I still cannot believe it).

I think I can already affirm that recurrent cystitis has disappeared from my life. I wish that someone had shared this information with me before.

How badly I wanted a solution like this when I needed it!

So let me encourage you: do not despair, you can fix this problem. Cheer up!!!

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