The testimony of Justine: become the protagonist of your health!

First of all, I want to apologize. My testimony may be a little long, but I have a lot to tell. Presentations are needed: I am Justine, 30 years old, leader of the bohemian life for several years. Right now, I have a partner.

I started the infernal circle of cystitis a little over two years ago. Before that I had, once or twice a year, a little cystitis that I was able to fix by drinking a lot. Nothing bad.

2016 was a very difficult year at a personal and professional level. I had many ups and downs. In 2017, I met a new lover, the job I have been wanting for 5 years plus I lived in a dreamy city, next to the sea. The only drawback is that my husband lived 500 km from home. 2017 passed quickly and it was great!

But in November 2017 (during a romantic weekend) it started to hurt while urinating. The first time it happens to me. I strongly suspected an infection, I searched the internet with my mobile, everything seemed to fit: bad smell, pain, urgency and frequency every 5 minutes. “It’s fine” I thought “it’s Sunday afternoon, I’ll go to the doctor on Monday morning.”

Sunday night: fever and right kidney pain are not a good omen. My partner took me to E:R, the pain was intolerable and I didn’t know how to position myself so as not to suffer.

There would be anecdotes to tell about that night in the hospital: a nurse forgot her syringe in my bed and my husband almost sat on it, same nurse flirting while I was there waiting… well… finally, it came the verdict: right kidney pyelonephritis, 15 days antibiotic, medical certificate, “Have a great day, Madame, goodbye!”.

But wait… what a pyelonephritis is?

What can I do to not go through this horror again?

I have been studying art history, not medicine! Very brief explanations of the doctor and the famous advice that I would have listened to almost 100 times later (I am sure you already know all of them!): urinate after intercourse, proper intimate hygiene, wear cotton underwear, drink plenty of water… Everything I already do in sum.

So, I simply left with little information on the subject. The antibiotics worked immediately, but they made me sick too, I lost a lot of weight very quickly and I went back to work in a state of great fatigue.

February 2017, Valentine’s Day night, again in the E.R. A new pyelonephritis. It started all over again: antibiotics, illness, etc. However, as of this day, it took me 3 months to get rid of cystitis.

It was very hard morally and physically.

So, I decided to eliminate my lack of information. My doctor did all the tests to exclude kidney stones problems, malformations or endometriosis. Then he directed me to a urologist! This remains to this day a terribly bitter experience. Ignorant about the subject and about how to help me, he preferred to tell me that my spouse was the problem (even though his tests were fine) or fungi.

I started then with alternative medicine.

I met a homeopathic doctor who took the time to explain many things to me and I started reading the Anglo-Saxon press (most of the information are in English):

Antibiotics lead to recurrence and, in addition, they cause resistance.”

Cranberry unfortunately has its limits”.

“There is a vaccine.”

In summary, many of these topics are covered in this blog.


Homeopathy helped me for a while. I lived 6 months without cystitis. Meanwhile, I decided to quit my job and to get closer to my spouse.

In October 2018, after my farewell, the infernal circle began again: one cystitis per month, but less tragic. Meanwhile, thanks to my readings, I discovered that ProfessorB ******* practiced in Tours and that he was a specialist in recurrent infections. I waited 3 months for an appointment, but it worthed it. I took the initiative making a micturitional calendar during three days and writing in a calendar my two years cystitis episodes, used antibiotics, triggering factors (postcoital cystitis, but often also an environmental, emotional factor).

He took the time to read all my results, medical reports, etc. He said very clearly that in 95% of the cases there are no tangible scientific reasons for these recurrences (in the absence of calculus, malformations, etc.), that it is a mistake of Western medicine to be so ignorant about this matter, but that he had some clues.

The first clue is the microbiota imbalance. It is a problem of intestinal hyperpermeability as a result of many factors such as antibiotics intake, diet, allergies, intolerances, fatigue, stress, etc. He suggested a micro-nutritionist.

Another factor is stress! So, I said I was fine, I’m not constantly stressed and other people are often stressed and they do not have any problem! He explained that when we talk about stress is a global word to talk about repressed emotions, environmental factors, etc. So I went to an Ayurvedic therapist (I love yoga!).

And, finally, he told me about D-Mannose that has been tested for some years.

With the micro-nutritionist, I made a special blood test abroad. We found a high intestinal permeability and many food intolerances such as wheat for example: every time I ate a pasta dish, I was poisoned. That’s where these incessant stomach inflammations come from. The blood test also reveals vitamin deficiencies.

So I have a lot of work to do at this level.

It can take several years to rebuild the intestinal and vaginal flora.

Then, with my therapist, I discovered other factors that favor the appearance of my infections: wi-fi contamination, altered chronobiology, repressed emotions or my contradiction between what I am and what I would love to be and finally the diet.

So, I started working on the subject to clean my body from all this dirt.

In prevention, I use a food supplement with D-Mannose prescribed by Professor B *******. There was only one relapse in 4 months… it’s a good start!

All this long trip to show you the importance of becoming the protagonist of our health.

I did not know how to read a blood test or a cytobacteriological test.

I did not know how the urinary and renal system work. Now I think I can hold sharp conversations on the subject.

Another important point, there is always a good reason for the recurrence of a cystitis, it is necessary to find the reason for the predisposing and precipitating factors, even if this takes time (and also money).

I remain convinced that for many of us, everything comes from the digestive system, our second brain so fragile and abused. It can be the cause of many diseases. Especially because, without making the connection, family history is important.

My testimony is not the Evangel, but the exposition of my path that continues to be a personal journey.

I wish for all of you a cure so that one day cystitis could just be a bad memory.

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