Cranberry or D-Mannose: which one to choose?

We often hear about cranberry juice as a natural remedy to combat cystitis. On the contrary, D-Mannose is still not well known.

We must take into account some considerations before deciding to use one or other to relieve our cystitis.

With regard to cranberry, we must point out that:

  • cranberry has PACs (Proanthocyanidins), that is to say, substances that adhere to bacteria fimbriae, preventing them from adhering to the bladder and causing cystitis. Most cranberry-based products contain less than 10% PACs. The remaining 90%, what is made of? Probably fruit juice and acidificant (it is not usually indicated on the box)
  • cranberry creates an acidic urinary environment that promotes the multiplication of pathogenic bacteria
  • cranberry juice contains a large amount of other sugars in form of fructose. These sugars are rapidly metabolized in the body, causing very variable levels of insulin in the blood
  • sugars present in cranberry juice may even increase the amount of E. coli in the intestine, constituting an additional risk for bladder infections

With regard to D-Mannose, we should note that:

  • with the same PACs action, D-Mannose makes bacteria attach to it instead of on the mucous membranes, allowing the elimination of bacteria by urine
  •  we need to consume less product to obtain efficiency with a lower cost – 100% concentration
  • D-Mannose can be used even by diabetics (we suggest to keep on controlling glucose levels anyway)
  • D-Mannose is not metabolized and, therefore, does not influence the regulation of blood glucose or the normal body physiological microflora

In addition, D-Mannose has other advantages:

  • it does not create resistance
  • it does not weaken the organism
  • it carries out its action exclusively in the bladder and at non-systemic level
  • it can be taken during pregnancy and lactation

At this point, it is obvious that D-Mannose is the best alternative as prevention and a natural ally of this pathology as long as the appropriate doses and products are used.

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