Colloidal silver: pros&cons

With regard to colloidal silver, there is a little confusion: some scientific evidence indicates with certainty its beneficial properties against infections while others do not recommend its use at all.


-> this substance is able to make the pathogenic cells with which it is put in contact ” explode”

-> silver is a powerful cure for skin wounds (used in the burn centres of hospitals, for example). People could assume (without scientific proof of this) that this healing action can also be applied to the mucous membranes and therefore, by extension, to the urothelium


-> is forbidden to sale colloidal silver for internal use in some countries (such as France)

-> silver belongs to the family of heavy metals (such as aluminum, for example). So, its internal use seems risky because our body does not have a real mean for its natural elimination and, therefore, there is a risk of accumulation and intoxication with unknown side effects

-> for the reasons mentioned above, we are not sure that colloidal silver can reach the bladder to perform its bactericidal function (can it be filtered through the kidneys?). Therefore, it is not true that oral intake has an impact on the germs present in the urinary tract

-> the explosion of the pathogenic cells causes a significant release of toxins (in this case, in the urine) causing a strong aggression of the mucous membrane. This is the reason why bactericidal action is not the best option to eliminate uropathogenic germs

So if you are interested in taking colloidal silver as a therapeutic approach, I suggest you to read:

1) wikipedia article dedicated to this substance ( where:

-> the bactericidal action of this active ingredient is fully recognized

-> proven risks related to its use are widely described including:

  • toxicity to humans
  • nervous damage
  • greater antimicrobial resistance and nosocomial risk

2) several reports of foreign National Agency for Food Safety experts on “the evaluation of health risks” and “environmental issues related to exposure to silver nanoparticles” state: (in french) (in spanish) (in spanish)


It seems necessary to recommend consulting a doctor before starting to use this substance.

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