D-Mannose advantages

D-Mannose is a simple molecule of natural sugar. It is considered safe, reliable and effective for urinary tract infections (UTIs). In addition, it is completely bio-active. Its most popular use is for bladder support and maintenance and for a healthy urinary system.

There are different advantages associated with D-Mannose:


D-Mannose is highly effective eliminating E.coli bacteria from the urinary tract. E.coli is the cause of most bladder infections. In addition, it offers a quick relief and restores the health of the bladder.

No side effects

A very positive advantage of the use of D-Mannose is that it is completely natural and has no harmful side effects. It can even be used for long periods of time. It is a safe supplement for both sexes as well as for pregnant women and children (consult your specialist for daily dosis).


D-Mannose is a glyconutrient which means it has many health benefits. Glyconutrients are vital, they are eight types of sugars (called saccharides) that formulate crucial compounds in our body. Antibodies and digestive enzymes are glycoproteins that help body cells to communicate.

Bacteria growth

D-Mannose is absorbed in the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract. As a result, it has no effect on the normal growth of bacteria in this area, respecting the positive bacterial flora naturally present in our body.


D-Mannose is a natural alternative to antibiotics to manage urine infections. This is an advantage since the antibiotic can alter the balance of the intestinal flora, eliminating positive bacteria from the body. The development of possible strains of resistant bacteria reduced too.

D-Mannose could represent an excellent natural alternative for the management of urinary disorders that deserves to be taken into consideration.

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