How to choose a good D-Mannose food supplement

Ten years ago, Ausilium 20 PLUS (D-Mannose) was the first product on sale in the market while today there are many that differ by price, origin, composition, etc.

Here you will find some tips to choose a good D-Mannose food supplement:

• optimal dose: 1 gram per intake
• no acidifier presence  (such as cranberry, ursolic acid, etc.)
• alkalizing agent presence such as Potassium Bicarbonate and Calcium Glycerophosphate
• presence of a natural anti-inflammatory (for example, Morinda citrifolia)
• absence of unnecessary excipients with no benefit (for example, immunomodulators for immune defenses such as vitamin C which is not a good option because acidifier)

Taking into account what stated before, Ausilium 20 PLUS or Ausilium FORTE are a valid solution (I do not know other food supplements that are so complete honestly).

The intake of a complete D-Mannose food supplement (with other important ingredients) is a great weapon against germs and against the peripheral symptomatology of cystitis. In addition, this would also simplify the intakes (1 single intake of a single product instead of many) and would guarantee a synergc dose of active ingredients without negative interactions between them and an enhanced result.

As has been said many times in this blog, cystitis is a multifactor pathology.

It should be combated with food supplements together with a broader therapeutic approach (identification of predisposing and triggering factors, correct management of acute episodes with an urine test, proper nutrition and intimate hygiene, etc.) to prevent bacterial persistence and its proliferation in the bladder.

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